I CAR Training Schedule

Details: Classed offered at Service Station Repair Shop Operators of Upstate New York, Inc. 

  • Pre-Registration with advanced payment is required for all I-CAR courses. This allows for an improved classroom experience by enabling instructors to focus more on classroom instruction versus administrative duties.
  • Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the program session begins. Late arrivals may not be admitted.
  • All end times are estimated. Programs may run longer or shorter than the posted times.

To ensure your place in this event, pre-registration and pre-payment is required.

For Questions or Telephone Registration Call:
I-CAR Training Support Center, Customer Care 800.422.7872



09/07/2016 12:30 PM
ADH01 Adhesive Bonding

09/07/2016 5:30 PM
STE02 Suspension Systems

09/21/2016 12:30 PM
FOM01 Automotive Foams

09/21/2016 5:30 PM
ALI01 Aluminum Intensive Vehicle Repairs

10/05/2016 12:30 PM
CPS01 Corrosion Protection

10/05/2016 5:30 PM
APR01 Aluminum Exterior Panel Repair and Replacement

10/19/2016 12:30 PM
WNW01 Wind Noise and Water Leaks

10/19/2016 5:30 PM
EXT02 Welded and Adhesively Bonded Panel Replacement

11/02/2016 12:30 PM
TOY01 Collision Repair for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Vehicles

11/02/2016 5:30 PM
FFR01 Full-Frame Partial Replacement

11/16/2016 12:30 PM
SPS10 Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures

11/16/2016 5:30 PM
STE03 Rack and Pinion and Parallelogram Steering Systems

11/30/2016 12:30 PM
PLA03 Plastic and Composite Repair

11/30/2016 5:30 PM
WCS04 Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding

12/14/2016 12:30 PM
STE04 – 1  Wheel Alignment and Diagnostic Angles

12/14/2016 5:30 PM
STE04 – 2 Wheel Alignment and Diagnostic Angles