History of the Service Station & Repair Shop Operators of Upstate New York, Inc.

The Service Station and Repair Shop Operators of Upstate New York Inc. (SSRSOUNY) is a non-profit trade association formed in 1966 and incorporated under New York State law in 1972. The Association was formed to bring about better business conditions for the petroleum retailer and to develop a diversified package of significant dealer-member benefits.

Realizing that the interest of both repair shops and gasoline service stations are intertwined, the Association eventually took repair shop owners in as members as well.

The Association is recognized nationally and in New York state as one of the most aggressive trade associations of its type. Many associations across the U.S. are trying to equal our record of accomplishments, particularly in the area of legislation.

Retail gasoline dealers, service station dealers, and repair shop owners have discovered the many advantages of belonging to this Association. The Association is an active member of the New York State Association of Service Stations and the Service Station Dealers of America, which gives our members representation on the state level, as well as, on the national level.

Any eligible business person who joins this Association and participates in just a few of the programs we have to offer, will find that the savings you receive will more than justify the dues you pay. It pays to be an Association member. Remember… “We Do Better Together”